From Sony, to MSG, to iHeartRadio, DeeLeww has
touched major platforms in the entertainment industry.

Born in PG County, MD, DeeLeww relocated to
New Jersey to attend Rutgers University where she
earned a BA Degree in Communications. As captain
and Lead Choreographer of ‘Chaos Theory ‘(Univ.
Dance Team), DeeLeww embodied the sound and
feel of music. During her studies, she spent two
years at Sony as an intern for RCA Promotions that
led to being invited on as an A&R and Showcase
Coordinator for Loud Music Group. Following such
achievement, DeeLeww went on to Madison Square Garden where she handled entertainment
marketing. It wasn’t until DeeLeww moved to
Atlanta, GA where she discovered her love and immense talent in spinning records.

While at iHeartRadio as a Programming/
Promotions Associate, DeeLeww captured the
attention of DJ Scream that would ultimately land
her a spot on air. After attending Scratch Academy, and surrounding herself around other DJs, (like mentor DJ Presyce), DeeLeww booked her first
show at Dens Music Festival and has since then
been making waves throughout Atlanta,GA.